PDP’s Attacks on Gov Matawalle, demonstration of envy, anger—- APC spokesperson


From Maiharaji Altine, Gusau

The Publicity Secretary of Zamfara state’s chapter of All Progressive Congress (APC), Alhaji Yusuf Idris Gusau has described the attacks by the opposition PDP on Governor Bello Matawalle as demonstration of envy and anger following his defection to APC.

Speaking to newsmen at a press conference, Idris said, the leaders of the opposition PDP were saddened and frustrated because Governor Bello Matawalle has joined the APC, as such they were all out to make sure that he did not succeed in the running affairs of the state.

Idris said, ” My colleagues getlemen of the press, I sincerely and humbly welcome you to today’s briefing. I would have loved this to be in a very happy mood since it is our first official meeting in this year, 2022″.
 “But I have to invite you to react to the unfortunate misgivings of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party’s so-called leaders in the state who seem to find pleasure and out of their confused state to assassinate the character of His Excellency, Governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle MON or perhaps out of envy and anger that they have failed to get him back to their crooked folds as well as bring down the APC in the state,”.

“‘After many open and nocturnal attempts by the PDP in the state to reverse the defection of our amiable action Governor from their party including threats and court charges, the frailed muscle PDP having exhausted their antics felt they can still fool the good people of Zamfara by placing his Excellency and the APC in bad light”.

“On the issue of security where they seem to assert that the Governor has not done enough. They forgot that given the chance, they couldn’t have done one percent of what the Governor did in addressing the security challenges”.

“You are all living witnesses to the fact that the Governor even though he is not in full control of the security agencies, has done a lot to improve their performance through the donation of 300 brand new Hilux vans to ease patrol and operations in addition to regular release of funds to the personnel as incentive which has in turn decimated the hitherto wanton attacks”.

Idris stressed that, Governor Matawallen was the first Governor to set up a Ministry of Security and Home Affairs because of his concern in addressing the security challenges.

He also established the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, both ministries were doing very well for the purposes they were established.

 He maitained that the Governor has also approved the recruitment and training of 500 youths from each of the 17 Emirates of the state and with their knowledge of their respective areas and were doing well too in complementing the efforts of the formal security, making it easier to track down and deal with the criminals.

Idris said that, the reason why the PDP was not happy with the feat being attained by the Governor and the APC in addressing insecurity in the state was because they are the ones behind the criminals, thus fighting bandits is like fighting the PDP in the state.

 “As you may have seen in the Jabaka statement, they recognized the effort of the Governor in going to Niger Republic to discuss security issues with the authorities there since we share some boundries with them, but having been clouded by their envy and mischieve, the PDP stated also that it was not the right time for the Governor to make such visit”.

“They should have explained what the right time would have been or what the enjoyment was in that hectic trip and why they chose to ignore the benefits of the trip to Zamfara and Nigeria in general as carried through the press releases presented to the public by the Governor’s Special Adviser on media”.

“Even if these attacks do not stop, they will not deter the Governor from bringing the best to the good people of Zamfara”. Idris stressed.

He lamented that while it has been globally discovered that the bandits terrorizing the north western states and Zamfara state in particular share common interests with highly placed mining site owners and the miners, such untouchables like retired General Ali Gusau who is the father to the state Deputy Governor, Barr. Mahdi Ali Gusau owned over 70 per cent of mining sites.

“The security agencies should investigate why we never heard any fracas between these miners and the bandits even though both operate in the bushes of the state”.

“I will also urge you gentlemen of the press to carryout an investigative report on this, the result and outcome will shock you to your bones”.

“Similarly, as witnesses in the state, you will recall that when his Excellency, Governor Matawalle was still in the PDP and facing serious security challenges, neither the PDP national leadership nor its governors shared the pains of Zamfara until they were put to shame by the APC which came in full force to commiserate with the people and government of our dear state before the PDP shamwlessly copied from such visit”.

Also, you remember the Governor had challenged all good leaders of the state to come forward and swear that they have no hand in supporting armed banditry in the state and for them to also join him to fashion out best ways of addressing the insecurity bedeviling the state”.

“You can tell me if they came, the reason is not farfetchef, just investigate you will see why”. Queried Idris.

He also reminded the PDP that it was the same Governor Matawalle whose effort; single handedly led to the reopening of hitherto closed roads and markets linking and connecting communities within and outside the state which were shut due to armed bandits’ activities.

Idris stressed that the PDP was only interested in winning the 2023 general elections, adding that, “They are trying to tarnish the good image of the Governor and the APC thinking that it will make them win”.

“If you take the so-called chairman of the PDP who came from the military dictatorship thinking that he would win election in the state”.

“He failed to realize that time has changed and  the youths are now taking over with their vibrance”
 “And if you now take their so-called party leader, the Deputy Governor, you will understand that all he has in his mind is how to be the Governor, but he can’t even mention the names of polling units in his constituency talkless of communicating fluently in the local language which is Hausa which majority of the electorates speak and understand”.

“So how can he convince us that he means well for Zamfara which he still doesn’t know”. Queried Idris.

On the statement credited to the Deputy chairman of the party, Prof. Kabiru Jabaka, Idris said, “it is still fresh in our memory that while as Chairman of the state’s Zakkat and Endowment Board, Jabaka was sacked from the position by the board of directors for corruptly dipping his hands into the money meant for the underprivileged, the weak, orphans and widows in the state only for him to start printing posters that he wanted to contest for a senatorial position in the coming election”.

“An investigative committee set up by the government has found him wanting over the allegations”.

Yusuf said, the same Prof. Jabaka was sacked  from former Governor Yari’s cabinet over his dubious attitude.

“So what has he to tell Zamfara people? It is said that ‘if you want to come for justice, you must come with clean hands”.

On the issue of the Deputy Governor Barrister Mahdi Gusau, Yusuf urged the state House of Assembly especially the Finance and Appropriation Committee to investigate how he utilized the N700 million given to him as office monthly imprest.

He maintained that, the PDP chairman, Bala Mande was the immediate past Chief of Staff, Government House under Matawalle and  as a retired Colonel who occupied such sensitive position, he has not contributed in addressing the insecurity situation in the state.

“Did he only collect Zamfara tax payers money including how he was sponsored overseas by the Governor for a heart surgery that made him feel better to come and challenge the good man who put him in that position?”.

“Don’t forget, Col. Mande was the PDP governorship candidate disgraced by the ANPP in 2003 and is still bitter”. Concluded Idris.

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