Youths Agents of Change, Drivers Of Societal Transformation


From Maiharaji Altine Gusau

The Youths have been described as agents of change, and drivers of societal transformation in all sectors of human endeavors.

This was stated by the National Coordinator of an NGO called, “Political Discuss” Alhaji Umar Balogun on the occasion of a one-day sensitization program on Peaceful Coexistence, Unity and Progress Among Nigerian Youths at the ministry of Women and Children Affairs Gusau, Zamfara state in collaboration with National Youths Council of Nigeria last Thursday.

Some of the officials of the group during the program

Alhaji Balogun said, “We (the Youths) are notable change agents and drivers of societal transformation in business, technology, entertainment, sports, politics and what have you”.

“Any country therefore that undermines the interest and role of Youths has mortgaged its own future and seats on the keg of gunpowder”.
He therefore urged the Nigerian Youths to strive hard to become self reliant and independent in order to save the country from total disintegration.

“He said, “History has demonstrated times without number that personal conquest is the key to beginning of leadership”.

“If you don’t conquer yourself, your are not going anywhere”.

Other participants

“Our Institutions must be populated with youths of great ideas otherwise those instructions will collapse”.

Balogun maintained that Youths in Nigeria constituted 60 to 70 percent of the total population, stressing that, the Youths have the will power to effect the needed in all  spheres of the national life as a nation.

He added that, Youths have the will power to decide on which government policy to accept or reject.

Some participants at the occasion

They have the power to decide the outcome of and election and also have the will power to impose their interest on any Government through participation in politics.

He further added that, “Youths should have the power to decide the fate of our country, they have the will power to take their destiny into their hands and have the power to also make our country to a better place for all of us”.

Alhaji Balogun however cautioned the Youths that, power cannot be harnessed by wishful thinking, stressing that, there were things that youths should do and things to avoid in order to realise their ambitions.

He said, “As Youths, we must know the potency of the power we have, we must understand that in any unity lies our strength and we must not allow our diversity to divide us”.

“We must not allow tribal sentiment religious intolerance, sectionalism, regionalism, nepotism and ideological differences to hinder us”.

He reminded them the participants f the sensitization program that the Political Discuss was a platform of Nigerian of like-minds  interested in the peace, Unity and Progress of the entire country.

“It serves as a platform to encourage Youths to aspire to any position in the country, rather than engaging in endless agitations and communal conflicts resulting to loss of lives and property of harmless Nigerians”.

“It is our dream and vision to inspire and persuade youths in Nigeria to actively participate in politics of principle and ideology and more dynamic in contributing to the development the country”. Said Balogun. 

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