2023 ELECTIONS: Nigeria must negotiate for peace to avoid unnecessary bloodshed -. Ayedero of Yoruba land


From Maiharaji Altine Gusau

The Ayedun of Yoruba land and  member of the National Assembly, representing Isenyi/Itesiwaju, Kajola, Iwajowa Federal Constituency in Oyo State Honourable Shina Abiola Peller said Nigeria must negotiate for peace ahead of 2023 general elections.

The Ayedero of Yoruba land, Hon Shina Abiola Peller

The peacemaker of the Yoruba land, Hon. Shina Abiola Peller said “We must to negotiate so that we can get the progress we need as a nation”.

Hon Peller said, “looking at what happened in 2021 where over 25,000 people were Killed as a result of banditry, kidnapping robbery and other insecurity issues, you will agree with me that this is a preceding to the election year”.

He stressed that, this was the time when violence took place.

“That is the reason why I believe,as a Promoter of Peace, we must come up with proactive plan to engage people on importance of leaving in Peaceful coexistence regardless of our religious beliefs, ethnicity and Political ideology”.

Hon Shina Abiola Peller with the Emir of Gusau, Alhaji Ibrahim Bello during the visit

“This is the reason why we have designed the Ayedun peace tour which commenced on Monday from Niger state where we visited the Emir of Minna and also an elder statement, former Head of state, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida as well as other prominent people of the state”.

He stated that progress could never be achieved without peace, adding that as a nation, we must understand that we cannot achieve peace without the involvement of the Youths.

“Everybody will agree with me that without peace you cannot be able to build a nation”.

“Event religions teach us to obey fairness, equity and justice.

He maintained that, in democracy, majority must always have their way, stressing however that, “it does not mean that in a coutry of diversed ethnicity we will not identify principle of equity, fairness and justice”.

“If the Northerners have been in power for eight uninterrupted years, I believe the Yorubas who are agitating for Yoruba nation and the Igbos agitating for Biafra will have no reason to continue with their agitations if the power is now shifted to the South”.

“So we have to look at the minority and ask them to develop an institution to put the peace and unity of the country at the forefront and not talking about identifying am individual”.

Some members of Hon Shina Peller’s entourage

“So for peaceful reason I support power shift to South so that we can develop peace and we can be able to progress as a nation”.

He maitained that, the country was blessed with human and natural resources, lamenting however that we lacked good leaders who could translate these for the progress of the nation.

“The resources that God has put in our land cannot translate themselves into good result unless we  have right leadership”.

He maitained that as 2023 Election drew nearer, it was time for the people of the country to come together and change our style of politics from identifying and building individuals to building and strengthening the instructions.

He stressed also that there was no way the nation could progress without putting peace and unity of the nation at heart.
He also maitained that, without the engagement of the youths in the political affairs of the country, there would be no progress as acccording to him “70 percent of the Nugeria’s population were youth.

Hon Peller stated that, his NGO called The Lead Generation Initiate was currently going round the country with a view of enlightening the Youths to wake up and contribute their quota to the developmnet of the country.

Some of the relief materials donated to the IDPs in Zamfara by Hon Shina Abiola Peller

He added that, the NGO would make sure that 30 youths were given Political and elective appointments in each of the states in the country for them to participate in the nation building.

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