Women Rights Initiative Urges Govt To Prosecution Killers Of Hanifa Abubakar,


From Kakaaki Zaria

The Women Rights Initiative (WORI) has  called for the prosecution of the killers of an innocent five-year old girl, Hanifa Abubakar. 

Five year old Hanifa Abubakar killed by her teacher

The killing of the innocent girl by her teacher put serious questions on the strategy, policy, planning and tactics of by the kidnapper.

It is important to state that at this critical period in the life of our dear country, adherence to human rights and international standards is what the police need to gain the trust of the society while carrying out their duties lawfully.

The right group noted that the  innocent girl killed  deserves justice noting that Her parents and family members have been put in an unexpected state of mourning.

The kidnap and eventual gruesome murder of five year old-Hanifa Abubakar by her teacher after collecting ransom  of six million naira from  her parent, is one of the most inhuman, barbaric and evil acts of wickedness recorded in recent times.

It called on the police to investigate and prosecute the killers

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