Buhari apologizes to Zamfara people for cancelling his planned visit


From Maiharaji Altine Gusau

President Gen Muhammadu Buhari has apologised to the people of Zamfara state for not visiting the state as scheduled on Thursday.

In a broadcast by the President which was aired on Thursday night in Hausa language by Zamfara state owned Radio, (Zamfara Radio) President Buhari apologized for not being able to visit the state as scheduled.

He said, “My dear people of Zamfara State, it pains me that I could no longer be with you today as I planned”. 

“I had just finished what I came to do in Sokoto at the BUA cement facility and was looking forward to meeting you”.

” I was however told that the trip could not hold anymore because of bad weather which has made it impossible for my helicopter to fly to Gusau from Sokoto”.

“I understand how you feel about this development but I know that you will agree with me that Allah knows best”. 

“I particularly sympathize with your Governor, Bello Matawalle and his cabinet who have put everything in place to make the visit a successful one”.

“I look forward to a more weather-friendly period when I will visit”.

” I have directed our security agencies to sustain the onslaught against terrorists, restrict cross-boundary infiltration and all unauthorised access to the goldmines in the state”.

“The Federal Government and the Zamfara State Government are working to ensure that peace returns to all parts of the State in the shortest possible time and we expect all citizens to cooperate with, and support in all ways, the Armed Forces and other security agencies”.

“God bless the people of Zamfara State”.

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