Terrorists kidnap Zamfara Director’s wife, children


From Maiharaji Altine Gusau,

Terrorists have invaded Damba Housing Estate, Gusau in Zamfara State last night where they kidnapped the wife and two children of a Director of Finance, Zamfara State ministry of finance, Sirajo Hassan.

The terrorists entered into the director’s house around 1 o’clock today Monday in an attempt to kidnap him but he was not at home.

When they realised that the Director was not in the house, they abducted his wife Maryam Gambo and her two little children.

There were several gunshots as the vigilante group members engaged the terrorists in a gun battle in a bid to avert the kidnap but were overpowered by the terrorists who have superior weapons.

Two of the vigilante sustained serious injuries as a result of the gunshots and were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Residents of the area have been in total fear due to persistent terrorists attacks, calling on the security agents to come to their aid.

The area which was an outskirts of Gusau town, the state capital was attacked three times by the terrorists in the last one month where nine people have so far been kidnapped.

A businessman, Alhaji Abbas and the family of a lecturer with the Federal University Gusau, Dr. Abdurrahman who are from the area are currently in the terrorists dens where the sum of N70m was demanded by the terrorists for their release.

Similarly, an ex councilor, Babangida Ibrahim who is also from the area was shot in the leg where his wife and two children were abducted.

The ex councilor has to pay the sum of N4m before his wife and two children were released.

The state police Commissioner, CP Ayuba Elkana has visited the area last week where he promised to send security personnel to the area, but up till now, nothing was done.

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