MATAWALLE WILL NOT RESIGN: Zamfara APC Spokesperson Lampoons PDP


From Maiharaji Altine Gusau

The All Progressives Congress (APC) Zamfara state chapter has kicked against the recent call on Governor Bello Mattawale’s resignation by the people’s Democratic party.

In a statement, the APC publicity secretary of the APC, Alhaji Yusuf Idris said, Governor Matawalle would not resign.

Idris said, the recent interview by the state PDP secretary Faruku Ahmed, calling on Governor Matawalle to resign was only an empty threat.

Idris said Matawalle would not resign, saying ‘his ascension to power is ordained by God”.

“To us in APC’, the statement alluded that the party (PDP) has started feeling the hit of defeat in the coming 2023 general elections”.

“Looking at his submissions, Faruku raised some issues that confirmed his confused mind and that of his sponsors”.
Idris disagreed with the PDP secretary that the state was better during former Governor Abdul Aziz Yari administration in terms of security.

“Is Faruku telling us that Gov Matawalle was in office when 250 persons were massively killed in one day at Yargaladima village?.

“What about those killed at Kizara, Birane, Dangulbi, those killed in tens and hundreds, daily kidnappings, cattle rustlings, rapes, the discretion of the Holy Qur’an and the burning of several villages”?

“Could he defend these actions? Were they not the concern of all right-thinking Zamfara people, and now seen as a non-issue by you (Faruku) Rijiya and the present crop of PDP leaders in the state”.

Idris maintained that the,’ PDP desperately wanted Matawalle to leave the office of the Governor because they saw it as their birthright.

“Unfortunately for them, the governor’s emergence against how they view it was ordained by Allah and he will do his terms by the special grace of Allah through the people’s God-given mandate whether the Faruku’s like it or not”. Said Idris

Reacting on the intimidation of the opposition as mentioned by the PDP secretary, Idris said, “It is now general knowledge that they (PDP) were the ones using that by insisting through various means such as threats, court orders and of recent, the use of violence and making the state ungovernable as stated by their national publicity secretary”.

“All that they have to do is very simple, the next round of election is just by the corner, since they claim they can override the Governor and his increasing popularity, why must they insist on his resignation?”. Queried Idris.

Idris stressed that, Matawalle has performed well in terms of security even though he was not in full control of the security agents.

“For the purpose of clarity, the achievements of the Governor, are very clear even though he is not in full control of the security agencies because of his approach, the agencies have given their support and sacrificed their lives in ensuring the restoration of peace in the state”. Concluded Idris.

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