Zamfara Senator Lambasts Bukola Saraki For Commenting On Deputy Governor’s Impeachment


From Maiharaji Altine Gusau

A Senator representing Zamfara West Senatorial zone, Senator Hassan Lawal Dan-iya has warned the former Senate President Bukola Saraki to stay away from Zamfara politics especially on his comment on the impeachment of the Deputy Governor.

In a press release, Senator Dan,iya warned Saraki to mind his business and stop interfering with the political affairs of Zamfara state.

Dan,iya said, “Former Senate President Bukola Saraki should clearly stay away from Zamfara politics especially as regards his comments on the recent impeachment of the state’s former Deputy Governor, Mahdi Ali Gusau whose removal followed his gross abuse of office”.

“Saraki who is completely ignorant of happenings in Zamfara should know that Zamfara is not Kwara, and therefore should not meddle in our affairs by feeding falsehood on many Nigerians on the removal of the state’s Deputy Governor by saying due process was not followed”.

“As a former lawmaker, Bukola who is now known for destroying the decades of the Saraki political dynasty especially in Kwara state and Nigeria in general, should have said what due process was missed in the process”.

“Bukola should explain what was wrong from the charges to how the state House of Assembly impecably handled the matter to the investigation of the legal committee set up by the state Chief Judge to the submission of the report and then the impeachment”.

“Mr. Bukola is absolutely wrong and Zamfara will not accept anyone within and outside, making any attempt to bring us on collision course when we have already moved on positively”.

Dan,iya stressed that, the PDP who was not happy with the defection of Governor Matawalle to the APC last year went to court to seek for his removal from office. 

He maintained that, the issues of freedom of association and the constitutional right of Matawalle to defect to another party of his choice were completely forgotten until now that Saraki was aspiring for presidential ticket of the PDP, 

Dan,iya stated that, Mahdi’s refusal to join his boss to the APC was his personal choice and not even an issue, adding that, ”while the Governor was moving to the APC, he never asked his deputy to do so”.

Acccording to Dan,iya, when Governor Matawalle defected to APC, he assured his Deputy that  they would continue working together for the growth, development and progress of the state even as members of different political parties.

“Therefore Bukola should carry his meddlesomeness elsewhere because he cannot change where fate has put us at the moment”. 

“As Muslims, this is our strongest belief”. Concluded Senator Dan,iya.

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