JIBWIS Organises Seminar For Islamic Scholars


From Jibrin Zaria

Jamaatu Izalatul Bidia Was Iqamatus Sunna Kaduna state branch has organized a one day state seminar for Islamic scholars across the state.

The state’s chapter chairman, Professor Nuhu Tahir Tajudeen stated this while speaking to newsman in Zaria.

Professor Nuhu Tajudeen explained that the aimed of the seminar was to impact skills and techniques to Islamic scholars across the state who would conduct Ramadan tafsir.

He pointed out that conducting Ramadan tafsir was not an easy tasks, as such, they needed more awareness on how to handle issues among their listeners and viewers.

The chairman stressed the need for Islamic scholars and Ulamahs to intensify efforts at preaching according to the teachings of Quran and the saying of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

Professor Nuhu Tajudeen advised Islamic preachers to fear Allah while conducting Ramadan tafsir across the country.

In a remarks the Chief Imam, Annoor Jumaat mosyque kaku Zaria, Sheikh Muhammad KABIR Mikhail Alshikawee said the seminar was attended by Islamic preachers especially those who would conduct the Ramadan tafsir across the local government areas of Kaduna state.

Sheikh Muhammad KABIR Mikhail added that “it is the tradition of Jamaatu Izalatul Bidia Wa ‘Iqamatus Sunnah to conduct seminar every year aimed at educating the scholars who would conduct the Ramadan tafsir to achieve desired objectives and get Allah’s rewards.

He commended the commitment of Izala leaders and members towards the successful conduct of the seminar held in Zaria local government area.

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