Press Briefing By Senator Marafa Solidarity Forum, Maradun Local Govt Chapter, In Response To Statement By Matawalle Leadership Forum On Hon Bello Bakyasuwa Soja


Gentlemen of the press, it is our honour and privilege to welcome you to this press briefing of the ,’Senator Marafa Solidarity Forum’ of Maradun Local Government to respond to the primitive and wild statement of the opposition groups against our great Publicity Secretary of Senator Kabiru Garba Marafa faction of the APC, Hon. Bello Soja Bakyasuwa Maradun, a true son of the soil whose patriotic position scares some individuals who are still afraid of the shadow of their well known abominable parenting.

Gentlemen of the press, you must have all seen a story emanating from a group called “Matawalle Leadership Forum” in which they ignorantly challenged Hon. Bello Bakyasuwa Maradun to produce his biological father, a challenge that we consider childish but necessary to react to with the warning that those who live in the glass house should not throw stones.

Hon. Bello Bakyasuwa Soja, APC Publicity Secretary, Senator Kabiru Garba Marafa’s faction

The rented youths also claimed that Hon. Bello Bakyasuwa was dismissed from the Nigerian Army which is equally a fabrication typical of the calamity of politicking we find ourselves as a state where lies and deception have been officialised in government business.

To start with the first challenge, we want the world to note that Hon. Muhammadu Bello Bakyasuwa (A.K.A Bello Soja) is the Son of Mal. Yakubu and a grandson of Mal Garba Sarkin Noman Bakyasuwa.

Clearly for every right thinking individual, this name surely rings a bell in Maradun and by commission or ommission no one will contest the fact that this is household name in Bakyasuwa area of Maradun local government that ultimately took over the character and personality of all those challenging the origin of Hon Bello Soja.

These are not some randomly selected names or personalities; these are people who are well known to be the original settlers of the Bakyasuwa community and not visitors from the beginning of times.

Therefore asking our Publicity Secretary to produce his biological parents when any true meaning son of the soil knows his origin is rather childish and ignorance of the attackers or rather a deliberate attempt to surpress history simply because they want to play politics of blackmail.

Ladies and gentlemen, to make it absolutely clear, you may recall that last friday, a group of APC supporters loyal to matawalle left him to join Marafa faction of the party and Hon Bello Soja was there to receive them; hence this so called group deem it feet to challenge his origin in Maradun.

But one thing is for sure, if they, the aclaimed Maradun youth for Matawalle do not know Bello Soja, we challenge them to go and ask their kinsmen especially their parents and political leaders who are his peers.

We know that the youths must have been in pain by Hon. Bello Bakyasuwa’s comment while receiving the decampees from Maradun who left Matawalle faction that Matawalle has done nothing to Maradun and its people.

If that was his fault, then they should be ready for a bigger fight because it is a fact that Matawalle has failed not only the people of his hometown but the people of Zamfara state in general.

As such, they will be overwhelmed by the same challenge as it will continue to come from the people of Zamfara and beyond who interact with his poor performance all the time.

Another mispresentation of personslity or rather defamation of character is as the group claimed that Bello Soja was a dismissed soldier. This is fallacious and a defamation that is inconsistent with the commendable service of Hon. Bello Soja in the Nigerian Army within and outside the country as well as his clean and honourable exit from it.

We urge the ignorants to go and check the records with the Nigerian army before making such silly statements. Also, we will resolutely identify the leadership of the group to prove to authorities the source of his information regarding our Publicity Secretary.

We equally want to use this opportunity to warn those who do not know how to guard their tongues, that should this kind of misrepresentation of origin and defamation on our Publicity Secretary occur again, we shall immediatelly disclose to the whole world the lowly profile of their origin! Also, if this baseless blackmail persists, we will expose the established records of certificate forgery associated with their political masters.

Finally, we wish to draw the attention of friends and foes that the solidarity for Senator Marafa has just started in Maradun and we are proud of the direction given to it by Hon. Bello Soja Bakyasuwa.

We use this opportunity to reiterate our loyalty to him without regards to the venom of blackmail from any disgruntled youths and their paymasters.

Thank you and God bless.

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