From Maiharaji Altine Gusau

The Zamfara state government has expressed confidence in the leadership of Directors General working with the present Administration of Governor Bello Muhammad MON (Matawallen Maradun ) .

This was contained in a statement by the Publicity Secretary of the forum, Mustapha Jafaru Kaura.

The government also assured all the Directors General yet to be posted of assigning portifolios to them in due course for them to contribute their own qoata towards the rapid socio-economic development of our dear state.

These assuarances were given yesterday Friday by the the state acting Governor Sen Hassan Muhammad Nasiha (Jarman Gusau ) when the forum paid him a solidarity visit in his office .

The Jarman Gusau said he was overwhelmed and convinced that Governor Bello Muhammad MON (Matawallen Maradun ) has made a wise decision by chosing people of proven integrity and track records to served as Directors General in his Administration.

He then charged them to be honest and loyal to the present regime in the state as the government will not condole laxity and disloyalty in service warning that any one found wanting will be shown the way out .

The state acting Governor enjoyed them to be good ambassadors of their respective constituencies and polling units stressing that as the election draws nearer they are expected to deliver their polling units to the ruling Apc in the state as to whom much is given much is also expected .

He further reminded them that Governor Bello Muhammad Matawallen Maradun is operating an open door policy in his government without discriminating to party affiliations.

He therefore called on the Directors General in the state to reciprocate the gesture by dedicating themselves towards the success of this Administration come 2023 insha-Allahu.

Earlier speaking, the chairman of the forum Hon Idris Garba Rikiji Gusau told the acting number one chief executive in the state that they were in his office to formally congratulate him on his new Assignment as the Deputy Governor of the state and to ginger him on the task ahead of him.

Director General Rikiji further informed him that the forum is always in Support of Governor Bello Muhammad Matawalle’s gient efforts, his vissionary leadership stayle’ and his uncommon agenda.

Hon Idris Rikiji said tha forum is always at forefront in identifying with the leadership qualities of the present governor and also showcasing his achievements and successes recorded in almost all the media outfits in the state from inception of this Administration to date.

He then requested the Deputy Governor to use his good office to look into the barrage of problems facing the forum such as assigning of portfolios to some Directors General, organising a retreat to the DG’s as well as car loans and other walfare packages.

He then expressed appreciation of the his forum to the worm reception accoded the members of the forum by the state Deputy Governor.

The occassion was well attended by most of the Directors General appionted by this Administration.

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