Peter Ubah of Enugu eulogizes Kebbi Gov Nasir Idris


From Maiharaji Altine

The Enugu state Governor Mr Peter Mbah has commended his kebbi state counterpart, Dr Nasir Idris for his wonderful performance few months after he was sworn in as the Governor of kebbi state.

Governor Peter Ubah in a handshake with kebbi state information commissioner Alhaji Yakubu Ahmed BK

Governor Ubah made the commendation at the awards nights of the New Telegraph Newspapers which took place in Lagos last Friday

Governor Ubah and Dr Idris were among the high profile recipients of the awards.

Governor Mbah met the Kebbi state Commissioner of Information and Culture, Yakubu Ahmed BK at the Federal Palace Hotel, the venue of the awards night.

He asked the commissioner to extend his message of felicitation, regards and commendations to Governor Nasir Idris for the progressive manner he was piloting the affairs of Kebbi state since he assumed office.

Peter Ubah (right) stressing a point to kebbi state information commissioner, Alhaji Yakubu Ahmed

Governor Ubah personally requested that his goodwill and best wishes be specially delivered to a man he sees as a brother and partner, in the quest to evolve a nation and the component states into hubs of sustainable socio economic development.

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