kidnapped members of Zamfara community rises to 70


From Maiharaji Altine

The number of people kidnapped by bandits in Makera village of Talata-Mafara local government area in Zamfara state has risen from 53 to 70.

Recall that, Analyzer news has last Tuesday reported the killing of nine people and the abduction of 53 by bandits in Makera village.

However, further investigations revealed that 70 members of the Makera community were still missing.

A resident of the area, Musa Idris who spoke to PUNCH said the latest statistics conducted by the community comprising the village head and other stakeholders revealed that 70 people have been abducted and were in bandits camps.

Idris said, “The original figure of 53 abducted persons was based solely on households”.

“But when women and children were included, the number of the kidnapped victims has risen to 70”.

Idris expressed disgust that, the bandits have yet to reach out to the people of the community for ransom six days after the abduction”.

“They ( bandits) did not communicate to us since the time they kidnapped our people”.

“We don’t know what they are planning to do with our people because they have yet to reach out to us”.

 Idris maintained that the people of the area were fleeing to surrounding villages for fear of another attack.

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