It is a known fact that, no society could develop if there is no security. That is why governments at all levels are spending huge amounts of money in providing adequate security to the people for rapid development.

In Zamfara state, the state government, under the administration of Governor Dauda Lawal is not relenting in fighting the long existing banditry which has crippled the socioeconomic activities of the people of the state over a decade.

Since he assumed office as the governor of the state, Dr Dauda Lawal (Gamjin Zamfara ) has focused his attention and energy to the fight against banditry, considering the consequences of the menace to the people of the state.

His latest approach to the fight against banditry was the recent recruitment and inauguration of the Community Protection Guards, popularity known as ASKARAWAN Zamfara.

Since their inauguration, the Community Protection Guards have swung into action in their various localities with the guidance of the conventional security personnel where a lot of successes have been recorded.

Regrettably however, there are still some saboteurs who are bent in ensuring that, this beautiful arrangement of Governor Dauda Lawal did not succeed. They don’t want the banditry to end just for political reasons. This is quite unfortunate.

I want those saboteurs to understand that, playing politics with the security is an evil wind that blows nobody any good. Let them know that, they can’t get any elective position if there is no Zamfara state. They should understand that, without security, the state will continue to be ungovernable.

Security issue is a collective responsibility where everybody should strive to contribute his quota towards ending the persistent killing and kidnapping of innocent people of the state by the marauding bandits.

Government alone cannot end banditry activities without the collective efforts and support of everybody irrespective of political inclination.

I wish to commend the foresight of governor Dauda Lawal, for drawing the attention of the people of the state to stop playing politics with security and come together to assist Government in the fight against banditry.

The governor had on different occasions came out openly and advised the politicians to avoid playing politics with the security of the state.

Dauda Lawal who commended the efforts of security operatives in the fight against banditry, urged all the political stalwarts to support the Government in that direction.

In conclusion, I want to use this medium to also call on the people of the state to continue supporting Governor Dauda Lawal in the fight against banditry. They should be part of the crusade to salvage Zamfara state from disintegration. They should try to encourage the Governor who is all out to rescue the state from collapse.

They should understand that security issue is a collective responsibility where everybody is supposed to contribute in order to rid the state of banditry activities and allow people to go out for their legitimate businesses.

Nuhu Salihu Anka is the Director General Media and Communications Government House Gusau

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