KBSG conducts multi-million naira interventions during Ramadan

L-R, Alhaji Yahya Sarki SA Media to Governor Nasir Idris, Alhaji Yakubu Ahmed, commissioner for information and Mohammed Sani Aliyu commissioner for religious affairs during the briefing

From Maiharaji Altine Gusau

The Kebbi State Government has conducted multiple special interventions before and in the ongoing Ramadan period to bring succour to the people across Religious divide.

The State Commissioner for Religious Affairs, Arc. Muhammad Sani Aliyu disclosed this in Birnin Kebbi on Monday during the weekly Ministrial Press briefing organised by the State Ministry of Information and Culture on the achievements of the Kauran Gwandu-led administration.

According to him, some of the interventions have been made under the Ministry and some in liaison with the Ministry to support Muslims and other people in the society.

He said, ”These interventions include pre-Ramadan, Ramadan and post-Ramadan actions as follows : Grains distributed by the Office of the SSG and the Ministry of Agriculture for all at eave of Ramadan fast. Ramadan feeding at designated mosques across the State targeting 11400 persons/Vulnerable groups.

Some members of the press during the briefing

”Ramadan interventions for girls’ schools and women groups in centres across the State by Her Excellency Hajiya Nafisa Nasir Idris targeting 1,700 families,Joint House to house Ramadan packages in Birnin Kebbi and Women groups at designated centres in the three (3) Emirates Headquarters outside Birnin Kebbi.

‘The programme targets fourteen thousand (14,000) families (5,000 in Birnin Kebbi and 3,000 each in the other 3 Emirates Headquarters.”

In the same vein, a mid term Ramadan Grains intervention was done comprising 200 trailers of 6,000 bags of rice and 3,000 bags of millet for distribution to both state and federal civil servants, Civil Societies, Religious groups and non-governmental organizations across the State.

According to him, the grains were sorted in 25kg for distribution to 13,000 families across the state..

The Commissioner said that the Ministry was established by the Executive Governor, Dr. Nasir Idris (Kauran Gwandu) on the 18th of August, 2023 with a view to providing a more focused service delivery for an enhanced peaceful coexistence.

Members of the press during the ministerial briefing at the ministry of religious affairs, Birnin kebbi

”His Excellency’s idea is to use religion to greatly reduce moral decadence, youth waywardness, social vices and crimes through moral education and counselling in liaison with relevant Government agencies.

‘ The offices of SA Religious Affairs, Islamic and Christian Matters were also created to advise His Excellency on issues of interest and concern by the various faiths.

”We are leveraging religion to sustain peaceful co-existence, establish linkages for human and physical development,” he added.

Apart from the various units of the Ministry, three Boards have been inaugurated with full membership to ensure community service delivery.

He stated that the Zakat and Sadaqah Board was established as Zakat is one of the five (5) pillars of Islam after prayer and fasting.

The Commissioner explained, ‘ “Islam charged leaders with the responsibility of collecting Zakat from the rich and distributing it to the poor, the needy and other identified groups of persons.

Arch Muhammad Sani Aliyu (with mic) stressing a point during the briefing

”The Board also intervened in cases of mental health, and other social challenges.”

According to him , the Preaching Board coordinates and regulates preaching activities to ensure peaceful co-existence.

He added the Board, among others, also screens Imams to ensure they have the capacity to lead Juma’at Mosques and organizes seminars and workshops for Imams, Muazzins and Scholars.

The Commissioner said that the Ministry played key rol in the wedding of 300 couples organized by the wife of the Governor, Hajiya Nafisa Nasir Idris both in the conduct and organization of the wedlock and in ensuring the payment of their dowries.

On the issue of Almajiri, the Commissioner said the Ministry has a unit called Almajiri Integrated Education shouldered with responsibility to regulate conduct of Almajiri Training, streamline concept of Almajiri Education and improve on the Almajiri system of Education.

He explained that ‘ The Unit is carrying out a demography of Ismalamiyya and Almajiri Schools in the State to identify age and number of pupils, their various origins, parents and their living conditions for appropriate actions “.

Earlier, the Commissioner for Information and Culture, Alhaji Yakubu Ahmad Birnin Kebbi, commended the new Ministry for achieving so much in a short period.

He said the purpose of the Ministerial press briefing was to keep the public abreast of government activities since its inception to date .

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