Governor Dauda Lawal Must Hear This


Let me use this medium to speak to my Governor, H. E Dauda lawal. Hoping that this piece reaches him in good and sound health.

Your excellency, There is an african proverb which says, ”A big goat does not sneeze without reason”. Litigations are over, you are the Governor.

For people like myself and many of your supporters in the PDP we are being hurt to seeing the emergence of some few persons who are your closest now into a cavalry,

These people, you must know, that they are about to ruin everything for you and for us who had narrowly escaped unlawful arrest, death threats, intimidations and anything you could think of only to make sure we mobilize with all our followers for your election victory. Honestly, PDP supporters and politicians in the state are in dare need of your interventions.

You might have your plans for all of these important issues, but it is high time that the plans come to execution so that you make everyone of us feels at home and relevant of course. Many people who have supported us and gave their contributions need to be carried along.

Your excellency, Leadership is all about inclusion, firmness, courage and transparency. When a leader makes mistakes, nothing stops that leader from coming back to say, Iam sorry for the mistake I made.

Many of these politicians cannot talk to you so that you realize what happens. We do not want a situation where our followers feel abandoned and that the only time we remember them is at the eleventh hour when elections come near.

It is late now, but I chose to address you and intimate you with the matter that gives us headache at the moment. Make out time, meet politicians, help us individually so that we can go back and do the same with our followers.

This will stop the already bleeding minds and ease our situation politically and economically especially looking at the current hardships people experience in Nigeria.

This is the truth of the matter and whoever did not tell you this, is a hypocrite. Do something urgently.

Alhaji Sanusi Lalan (Media Advocate and Consultant) writes from Zamfara State Nigeria.

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