Senator Yari Subsidizes Fertilizer To Zamfara Farmers


From Maiharaji Altine

Former Zamfara State Governor and Senator for Zamfara West Senatorial District, Alhaji Abdulaziz Yari Abubakar (Shattiman Zamfara) has provided 76 Trucks of assorted fertilisers for distribution to farmers at a subsidised price across the State.

This was contained in a statement by the chairman, Publicity Committee, A.A. Yari Political Organization Hon. Ibrahim Muhammad
(Danmadamin Birnin Magaji)
and made available to Analyzer news on Tuesday.

The committee chairman, Hon Lawal M. Liman stressing a point while briefing newsmen of how the fertilizer would be distributed to three senatorial zones of the state

Danmadami said, the chairman, A. A. Yari Political Organisation, Hon. Lawal M. Liman Gabɗon Ƙaura made the disclosure at a meeting held with members of the distribution committee in Gusau, the State capital on Tuesday.

Gabɗon Ƙaura maintained that that five trucks of the commodity would be given to each of the eight Local Government Areas of Zamfara Central and North Senatorial Districts respectively.

He added that farmers in the six Local Government Areas that made up of Zamfara West Senatorial District where the Senator represents would share six trucks each of the assorted Fertilisers.

According to Gabɗon Kaura, the NPK and Urea fertilisers provided by the Senator costs between N40,000 to N45,000 per bag of 50kg in the market and would be sold to farmers at the cost of N20,000 per each bag.

He stressed that the idea behind the subsidy was to bail out farmers across the state from its shortage as well as its near out of reach because of the sky-rocketed prices in the market.

The Chairman maintained that the distribution pattern was designed to cover farmers in all the 147 Wards of the 14 Local Government Areas of the State with out looking at the Political Party differences.

He urged members of the distribution committees to ensure strict compliance with the laid down principles and practices of the Provider of the commodity.

The Ulama Committee that has been overseeing the distribution of foodstuffs provided by the Senator across the State would implement the fertiliser subsidy project.

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