Late Zamfara PDP Chairman’s Family Cries Out, Over Abandonment By The Party

Late Alhaji  Rabe Dansakai, former PDP chairman Kaura-Namoda local government

The members of the family of late Alhaji Rabe Dansakai, who was one time the PDP chairman of Kaura-Namoda local government area of Zamfara state have cried out over what they described as total neglect by the PDP from both the State and the local government levels.

Speaking to Analyzer news on behalf of the family members, the wife of the deceased, Hajiya Rabi Kaura-Namoda said they have been abandoned by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) after the death of Alhaji Rabe Dansakai.

Hajiya Rabi said since the death of their husband over 10 years ago, the PDP has completely forgotten the role he played to the development of the party during his tenure as the party’s chairman, lamenting that “nobody is in touch with his family immediately after his death”.

She expressed disgust over the way and manner the family was not being incorporated into some programs by the PDP administration both at the state and local government level, in spite of the fact that, their husband had served as the chairman of the party in the local government.

Rabi said, “The party is supposed to come to our aid considering the position of our late breadwinner, but as I am talking to you now, I swear to God that, nobody from the PDP is interested in our welfare”.

“We are still in the party despite the death of our husband, but we have never been involved in anything or received any assistance from any PDP members both from the state and  the local government level”.

“We are calling on both the Sole Administrator of Kaura-Namoda local government and Governor Bello Matawalle Barden ƙasar Hausa, Shatiman Daukar Usmaniyya as well as other PDP stalwarts to please come to our aid as we are currently experiencing untold hardship”.

“We have been in the party even after the death of our husband and we will remain in the party no matter the hardship because it is in our blood, but we are seriously in need of urgent assistance”.

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