PDP scrapping of presidential zoning arrangement, welcome development—- Faruku

Zamfara state PDP Publicity Secretary Alhaji Faruku Ahmed Shatiman Rijiya

From Maiharaji Altine Gusau

The Zamfara State’s Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Faruku Ahmed Shatiman Rijiya has said, that the scrapping of zoning of presidential ticket for the 2023 election was a welcome development.

Recall that, the PDP has recommended that, the presidential zoning arrangement for rotational presidency should be scraped and allow every member of the party to contest for the post.

Speaking to Analyzer, Alhaji Faruku stressed that, there was no zoning arrangement in the PDP constitution, as such the scrapping was not a new thing to most of the party’s supporters.

“There is nowhere in the constitution of the PDP where you will see zoning arrangement. It is only being used to make sure that every region of the country is given the chance to produce a president”.

“Zoning arrangement is unconstitutional, as such, I don’t see anything wrong with the recommendation and I am strongly advising the party to adopt the recommendation”.

When asked whether the arrangement will not cause defection considering the fact that the PDP is relatively strong Zamfara state, Faruku stressed that, “it would not change anything”.

He said that, the scrapping of the presidential zoning arrangement would not make the party to lose its members, adding that, members of the party were used to it.

“We are all used to this type of arrangement. So I don’t think some people will defect to other parties because of the scrapping of presidential zoning arrangement”.

He declared that, he was also going to contest for the presidential election in 2023 as bonafide member of the party.

“I am going to be among the presidential aspirants of the party from the northwestern zone come 2023 and I need the support of all Nigerians, including members of the press”. Said Faruku.

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