May Day: Zamfara Govt unveils plan to assist workers in fighting poverty


From Maiharaji Altine Gusau
Zamfara state Government has come up with a plan to assist civil servants in the state in fighting poverty.

Addressing the workers during the May day celebration, Governor Matawalle said, his administration was aware of the hardship being encountered by the civil servants as a result of non implementation of the minimum wage, as such,  he has introduced measures to cushion the effect of the hardship.

Matawalle said, “As part of my administration’s efforts to address the transportation challenges that workers face, we have purchased 2000 ladies motorcycles for 
distribution to our civil servants on loan”. 

He said that the state Government’s employees would  receive 1000 motorcycles, Local Government employees would receive 500 motorcycles while the Universal Basic Education Commission employees would receive 500 motorcycles. 

The loan, according to the Governor would be repaid over an 18-month period.

Similarly, 94,000 bags of rice would be distributed on loan basis to the State, local governments, and UBEC employees. 

“The repayment period is three months”. Said Matawalle.
Matawalle also told the civil servants that, his administration would build houses for them across the local government areas of the state.

“My administration has secured a Federal Government housing scheme known as Family Homes, in which a total of 3,500 one, two, and three bedroom housing units will be built across the 14 Local Government Areas and distributed to workers on loan’.

“The project will be carried out by local Contractors, with the State Government acting as a loan guarantor”.

He appealed to the civil servants to support his administration, particularly in its efforts to fight banditry.

“My fellow comrades, despite our significant accomplishments in the area of security, the recent revival of banditry, primarily by unrepentant bandits helped by some nefarious elements, is a cause for concern”. 

“As governments at all levels strive to contain these seemingly never-ending security threats that plague our communities, I would like to use this platform to urge the working class and the general public to be more alert of the security situation in their communities”.

“Therefore, I urge you to work cooperatively with security personnel in and around your neighbourhoods and report any suspected criminal activity to the appropriate security agencies for immediate action”. 

“Keep in mind that ensuring security is a shared obligation”. Concluded Matawalle.

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