Imam of Imam Maliki Mosque advises women to give more Sadaqah to attract Allah’s forgiveness


From Maiharaji Altine,  Gusau

The  Chief Imam of Imam Malik Jumuat mosque Damba Housing Estate, Dr. Sha,aya Shehu Mafara has called on womenfolks to intensify efforts in giving out Sadaqah in order to attract Allah’s forgiveness.

Dr. Sha,aya who delivered a sermon during Eid-El Fitr prayer said, the number of women who would enter into the hell fire would be greater than their male counterparts as mentioned in the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Imam Sha,aya, delivering a sermon during the prayer

 “You should redouble efforts in giving out Sadaqah to attract forgiveness from Allah”.

According to him, back-biting and disrespect to husbands were the major reasons why a lot of women would find themselves into hell fire, as such, he called on them to refrain from such acts and quickly repent.

He also cautioned them against indecent dressing as well as imitating the women unbelievers, adding that, a person will be raised among his loved ones in the world hereafter.

On the issue of insecurity, Dr Sha,aya called on the entire Muslim Ummah to turn back to God and seek for divine intervention, stressing that, nothing was impossible with God.

He also appealed to Muslims to embrace the culture of helping the needy, especially the orphans who have nobody to rely on.

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