By Shittu Ahmed Obassa

We must wake up to the reality that what we desire for eight years and we are not ready to let go is never a birthright. Let us set aside sentiments and face the reality of our togetherness.

Democracy is a game of numbers but where compromise is not allowed due to some peculiarities that game will never endure for long in a complex society such as ours.

Today, APC is the party to defeat in the next general elections and the power of incumbency gives it added advantage to continue with its manifesto. But that is feasible if all things are equal for it to retain power beyond 2023.

All eyes are now fixed on the party to make or mar the country and that is why the role of the party in the selection of the next President cannot be over emphasised.

We are who we are just by accident of history and it is a privilege for anyone with the right qualities to have access to the corridors of power and that privilege should not be seen as a fundamental right to perpetually rule others without their consent.

The body language of some people in this country is that others must answer to their beck and call as masters and I am not sure they are in the majority sharing this feeling because it is in the enlightened self interest of every body to make concessions where it is mandatory to ensure fairness and equity so that we can truly have a sense of belonging to one nation under one God.

We are born equal and our right to aspire to render service in any capacity should not be denied us for a select few’s short term gains.

Of what use is power gotten freely and the capacity is glaringly lacking to discharge the commensurate responsibility that goes with the office we are elected to carry out policies and programmes for the greatest good of the majority who are wallowing in abject poverty, faced with insecurity in almost all parts of the country and the economy is in tatters?

But when somebody else from else where endowed with the requisite competency is given the opportunity to make a difference it is to the glory of the Nigeria as a whole.

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