Pandemonium in FCET Gusau on sighting passing motorcycles


From Maiharaji Altine, Gusau

There was a pandemonium at the Federal College of Education Technical Gusau (FCET) in Zamfara state on Monday when some  members of the vigilante group who were on motorcycles were passing near the college.

The Analyzer news has learnt that, immediately the motorcyclists arrived in some farms near the college, the women who were working on the farms took to their heels and ran into the college for safety.

As the students sighted the women running into their college, they too began to ran helterskelter, thinking that it was the bandits who have come to the college on abduction mission. 

In a twinkle of the eye, the college was deserted, as both the staff and the students either went into hiding or have left the college.

Speaking to newsmen, the Provost of the College, Dr. Umar Sambo said most of the students have left, calling on them to come back as there was no cause for alarm.

Sambo explained that, due to the growing fear of the insecurity situation in the state, both the staff and the students had to run for safety when they noticed some people running into the college.

“We later have a sigh of relief when we were told that, the motorcyclists were the vigilante group members Known as Yansakai”.

“I am calling on all the students who have already left to come back because there was no bandits’ attack as they presumed”.

The commissioner of police CP Ayuba N. Elkana who rushed to the college with a team of combat ready security personnel has later discovered that, those who passed near the college were members of the vigilante group and not the bandits as he was told earlier.

Addressing newsmen in the college, CP Elkana expressed displeasure over the false report and warned that the command under his watch would not allow people to toy with the existing security in the state.

He maintained that the police command has arrested 10 members of the vigilante group who were responsible for the commotion.

“The police has already arrested 10 of the vigilante group members who are responsible for this pandemonium and we are going to take action against them”.

Governor Bello Matawalle who also visited the college explained that, his administration would repair the collapsed fence of the college to prevent unauthorized people to enter into the premises. 

The Governor also directed the police Commissioner to create a police outpost in the college for adequate security.

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