Sack service chiefs else Nigeria will be taken over by terrorists -Security expert


A passionate call was made to President Muhammadu Buhari who is the commander and chief of the armed forces to sack the service chief.

The call by Daniel Cheto, a security expert said the country’s security architecture is porous and the best option that will lead to stable security is for the President to sack all the service chiefs.

According to him since the coming of Buhari on board the so-called success story of ending the Boko Haram menace is just mere speculation as the insurgents have transformed themselves into bandits and ISWAP, doing what Boko Haram members were doing in a more calculated and get away with it.

He said the failure is from the service chiefs who have failed to protect Nigerians by securing their lives and properties.

He accused President Buhari of not being proactive over the issues of insecurity and his negligence of the issue is making Nigeria a failed state.

Daniel, a UK-based security expert said if the government of Nigeria does not stand their ground the country is going the way Afghanistan went, what befallen the Arab country some years back it’s exactly what will befall Nigeria.

He worried that if President Muhammadu Buhari do not sack the current service chiefs because they have woefully failed, the country will be a conquered territory in the hands of bandits.

“Nigeria needs a complete overhaul of its security architecture and the best way to go about it is to sack these service chiefs and bring people with a passion to save the situation else the country will soon fall to the hands of Bandits as a conquered territory.

” Imagine a Minister of interior while the country is boiling with killings and kidnappings here and there is traveling to oversee in the name of medical trip. It’s awful and belittling to the country’s corporate image.

“I’m calling on the President to let go of these security senior men and bring on board people with good ideas, a passion to end this disgrace we are all seeing, facing and being mocked at in the eyes of the world.

” We are indeed failing and drifting to a country that can consider a failed and a pariah state,” Daniel said

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