We have seen impact of UNICEF in Zamfara, Says SUBEB chairman


From Maiharaji Altine Salah

The Chairman, Zamfara State Universal Basic Education Board, Alhaji Abubakar Aliyu Danmadamin Maradun said, the state has seen the impact of the UNICEF from its inception to date.

He said UNICEF has brought remarkable changes in the education sector, particularly the Girls Education Project (GEP).

Alhaji Abubakar Aliyu Danmadamin Maradun delivering a speech at UNICEF’s Media dialogue

Addressing Journalists in Gusau during the closing session of the Media Diologue on UNICEF’s intervention on Girls Education Project (GEP3) Danmadami said, “UNICEF’S intervention has brought a lot of improvements in the education sector”. 

He said, “UNICEF activities have broadened our minds through many of its programs”.

Danmadami particularly commended  the Girls Education Project (GEP) funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) of the United Kingdom. 

“We have seen the impact of the UNICEF that has brought about the success which the government of Zamfara state has recorded”.

The Chairman said, lthough there were few problems being faced, the state government under the leadership of Bello Mohammed Matawalle has recorded a lot of achievements through collaboration with the UNICEF. 

Ishaka Zaki Tambuwal, commenting at the end of the end of the Media dialogue

He said, “No matter how good the program is, there must be some challenges”. 

“We have security problem, we also have financial problem which is a global phenomenon”

“But that not withstanding, this government is doing a lot to remedy most of the problems”.

He said,”The issue of problem of classes is something that the government of Honourable Bello Mohammed Matawalle has addressed squarely”

“Because from the inception of his administration to date His Excellency Governor Mohammed Bello Mattawalle has shown commitment towards providing these facilities and I can beat my chest to tell you that he has constructed more than 1,200 new classes in the state”.

Zamfara state UNICEF Project Coordinator, Dr. Yahaya Aliyu  Maiyama during the occasion

“We have also renovated more than 600 classes”.

“All these new constructed and renovated classrooms were also provided with adequate furniture for both teachers and the pupils”.

“We have also provided toilets, boreholes and other facilities that will make teaching and learning to be very easy”.

The Chairman stated that, they were currently pursuing projects for 2021 adding that they have gone to a certain level of completion.

“We are also making arrangements to give contracts for 2022, and we have matching grants already in our account”. Said the chairman.

Acccording to him, Governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle has given the N1.5 billion as counterpart fund adding that, they have already started making the work plan for the construction, renovation and purchase of facilities.

A cross section of journalists at the occasion

He said, another issue which the Governor was addressing was the provision of furniture in the new schools because the matching grants provided was for the furniture for the new classrooms.

“We don’t use that furniture for other schools”.

“Just few days ago, I brought to his Excellency this issue, I made a proposal of about N321 million to buy furniture for other schools”

“But because of financial problem the government is facing not only Zamfara, this is a global phenomenon, the Governor approved N100 million that was what gave us the ability to provide the furniture”.

I have already directed works and finance departments to make assessment of the schools we have with a view to understanding their requirements in terms of furniture, additional toilets and boreholes and Insha Allah we are going address these issues within this year”.  

Danmadami thanked the Journalists for being partners in progress and promised to partner with them for the Development of the state.
He said, “The media has been portraying this government and his Excellency Governor Mohammed Bello Mattawalle in a good light”.

“The media is supposed to be a bridge between the government and the governed”.

“You have to look at the goverment and you have to look at the people”.

“I assure you that we will continue to give you maximum cooperation and our doors are always open for journalists”. Concluded Danmadami.

In his speech at the occasion,  the Zamfara state’s Project Coordinator of the UNICEF, Dr. Yahaya Aliyu  Maiyama thanked the state government for its commitment towards education.

Maiyama commended the SUBEB chairman for hosting the Media team and giving them the opportunity to go round some selected schools in the state in order to see how the UNICEF’s intervention was yealding positive result.

He commended the contributions made by the Journalists as well as the SUBEB officials both during the visits to the schools and during the dialogue.

Some stakeholders during the occasion

He assured that the UNICEF was always ready to work with the media and the stakeholders.
Also speaking, the Head of the state Media team, Ishaka Zaki Tambuwal commended the stakeholders for organizing the media dialogue, describing it as a welcome development.

He said, “The dialogue came at the right time as it helps the Journalists to know more about the various education intervention projects embarked upon by the UNICEF in collaboration with Zamfara state government”

Tambuwal assured that as partners in progress, the Journalists in the state were ready to partner with all the stakeholders for the betterment of the state.

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