Nigeria Air force attack another bandits camp in Zamfara


The Nigeria Air force has again bombarded another bandits camp belonging to a dreaded bandits’leader Dan-karami near Rugudawa village of Zurmi local government area of Zamfara state.

Sources informed The Analyzer news that, Dan-karami camp was bombarded in the evening of  Thursday where many bandits were said to have lost their lives.

An indigene of Zurmi local government, Musa Shehu told The Analyzer news that, they heard sounds of bombs being dropped by the Air force jet fighter in Dan karami’s camp

He added that, they also saw smoke from far away distance coming out from Dan-karami camp.

He said, “The camp was attacked by the Nigeria Air force this evening of Thursday and we could see smoke from that direction”.

 At the time of filing in this report, it was not ascertained whether Dan-karami was among the bandits that were killed or not.

Dan-karami is a dreaded bandits’ leader who terrorizes the people of Zamfara and katsina states as well as the neighboring Niger republican.

There was no official statement from the military with regards to this incident at the time of filing in this report.

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