2023: Yari has no plan to sabotage Gov Matawalle


Former Governor Abdul Aziz Yari of Zamfara state said he has no plan to sabotage the second term ambition of his predecessor, Governor Bello Mattawalle in the forthcoming general elections.

Large crowd of former Governor Abdul Aziz Yari supporters during the rally in Talata-Mafara last Sunday

Yari who was addressing thousands of APC supporters in his hometown Talata-Mafara said, the rumor that he was planning to sabotage Governor Matawalle in 2023 general elections was baseless and unfounded.

Yari said that, the rumor was the handiwork of some disgruntled elements within the party who wanted to plant a seed of hatred between party members for selfish interest.

He said, “The reason for inviting you to this important occasion is to pass the information to you, that I never told my supporters not to vote for Governor Matawalle in the forthcoming general elections”.

“I didn’t say that you should only vote for me and don’t vote for Governor Matawalle as being speculated in the state”.

“I want to assure you that, this is not coming from me. It is coming from some dubious persons within our party who did not mean well to the party”.

“I am calling on my supporters to vote APC candidates from the President up to the state House of Assembly members”.

“I want all those who are here to please inform those who are at home that they should come out en-masse and vote for our presidential candidate, our governorship candidate as well as all other APC candidates”.

“The rally we are holding today is just the beginning of our journey to success”.

“By the grace of God, we are going to hold another grand rally in Gusau town where all the three Senatorial zones will meet”.

“Those who are saying that our party is divided will come to understand that, we are more stronger than ever before”.

“I want to use this opportunity to inform the people that, since after the reconciliation process between Governor Matawalle, Senator Marafa and myself, APC is now one family in Zamfara state”.

Yari stressed that, the reconciliation process has come to stay in the state, calling on all APC supporters to work for the success of the party come 2023 general elections.

Below are the pictures of supporters of former Governor Abdul Aziz Yari during the rally in Talata-Mafara last Sunday

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