President Buhari’s action on New Naira notes contemptuous– Zamfara AG


From Maiharaji Altine

The Zamfara state Attorney General and commissioner of justice, Barrister Junaidu Aminu has criticized President Muhammadu Buhari’s decision to extend the validity of only old 200 naira notes by 60 days, saying that it’s contempt of court.

Speaking to Analyzer news on Thursday, Barrister Junaidu Aminu said Buhari’s action was a court’s contempt explaining that “the matter is subjudiced and is already before the court”.

He stressed that the Supreme court, being the apex court of the land has on February 8, 2023 given an interlocutory injection restraining the AG and the Federal Government from take further action on the Naira redisgn.

He said, “The Supreme Court has issued an interim injection for halting the implementation of the CBN’s policies as regards to the redesigning of the Naira notes and that order is so direct that there is no ambiguity in it”.

“The order is so direct that it does not need any interpretation”. 

“This order is saying that the policy has been suspended pending the determination of the substantive suit not even the motion”.

“So as far as that motion is pending before the court of law no body what so ever he is in the country can implement that policy”.

“So what President Muhammadu Buhari did is a contempt of court because he has given another directive”.

“The court said, the policy should be suspended, that means the new and old Naira notes should continue to be used in the country but the President is now saying that only N200 note should remain a legal tender”.

Junaidu however lamented that since President Muhammadu Buhari has an immunity cover, he could not be arrested and brought to court for contempt.

He said, “You know that the President is covered by the immunity clause”. 

“You cannot institute a criminal or civil proceeding against him”.

“We are however waiting as there are still some days to the ruling of the court. 

“We shall wait and see what will happen”.

He stated that the Zamfara government has already filled a motion informing the court that the AGF and President Muhammadu Buhari did not comply with the court’s order.

He however explained that the case could not continue because of the inclusion of other new states in the suite.

“Some states have already been joined in the suit, as such our motion can’t be heard for now”. Concluded Barrister Junaidu.

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