Kebbi Govt Distributes Palliatives To Bandits Attack Victims In Jarkuka


From Maiharaji Altine

Relief items worth millions of Naira were on Monday distributed by Kebbi State government to over a thousand displaced persons who fled their homes following a brutal attack on seven villages on the border between Kebbi and Sokoto states.

Villagers in the seven villages mostly farmers were driven from their homes when the bandits attacked Zawaini Zawaini, Jangargari, Jaja in Kebbi state and Karani and three others in Sokoto state.

Some of the palliatives distributed to the victims of banditry in Kebbi

Apart from setting many houses and shops ablaze, the bandits killed dozen others sparking a riotous situation leading to thousands fleeing and taking refuge in Jarkuka village of Arewa Local Government area of Kebbi state.

Kebbi State commissioner of information, Yakubu Ahmed in a chat with one of the victims of banditry

They spread into villagers’ houses begging for shelter and food.

When news of their plight got to the Kebbi state Governor Dr Nasir Idris, he quickly dispatched a team led by the Commissioner of Humanitarian Affairs and Empowerment Alhaji Muhammad Hamidu Jarkuka and the Commissioner of Information and Culture Alhaji Yakubu Ahmed BK with emergency relief items to the victims.

Palliatives distributed to kebbi victims of banditry

Over one thousand bags of rice, millet, beans, mats, buckets, seasoners and other items were tucked into trucks and sent to the area.

The two Commissioners, joined by the Chairman of Arewa Local Government Alhaji Sani Aliyu Tela Kangiwa, Special Adviser Barmu Shudi Kangiwa, the Uban Kasar Bachaka Alhaji Yakubu Tsamiya and other community leaders were at hand to ensure distribution of the items to the victims.

One of the victims Malam Umaru from Karani Village in Sokoto state said his son was one of those killed by the marauding bandits.

He said he was also one of those abducted but took to his heels when he slipped out of their hold when night fell.

Commissioner of information, Alhaji Yakubu Ahmed at the palliatives distribution center

Another victim Malama Fatima was full of praise for Governor Nasir Idris for sending relief items to them at their hour of urgent need.

Also speaking the two Commissioners Alhaji Muhammad Jarkuka and Yakubu Ahmed expressed sadness over the unfortunate situation they found themselves in and urged them to take solace in the teaching of Islam which commanded adherents to take all situations as coming from the almighty Allah.

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