Ex Anti thuggery boss condemns arrest of former agency’s scribe


From Maiharaji Altine

The immediate past Commandant, Zamfara Anti-Thuggery Agency, Muhammad Bello Bakyasuwa has condemned the arrest of the former Secretary of the agency, Isah Haruna by the security operatives.

Bakyasuwa who described the arrest as politically motivated said, the victim was hardworking personality who contributed immensely to  peaceful coexistence of the state.

He stressed that, his arrest was uncalled for, lamenting that he could be the next victim.

He therefore called for his immediate release for the interest of justice and fair play.

He said, “I believe his arrest is behind political reason against the immediate past leadership of the Anti-Thuggery Agency”.

“Isah Haruna served as the Secretary of the  agency when I was the Commandant’.

”I believe his arrest is behind political reason against the immediate past leadership of the Anti-Thuggery Agency”.

“I worked with Isah Haruna and I can testify his positive contributions in managing the agency towards restoring peace and stability in the state.

“He was very sincere, hardworking and transparent person who contributed immensely for all the successes recorded by the agency”.

Bakyasuwa maintained that the agency established by the law contributed to the development of peace and stability in the state.

“There is no doubt about that and every citizen of Zamfara can testify to this”. Bakyasuwa said.

He lamented that it was very unfortunate that the person who sacrificed his life to save others is now facing problem because of the interest of some selfish politicians.

“I know, I am the next target and this may have connection with my recent media interviews condemning the escalating security situation in the state. Explained bakyasuwa

He however stressed that as an indigene of Zamfara state, he  always have the state at heart.

“Wallahi I will continue to speak on the challenges being faced by people of Zamfara no matter the consequences”.

“As I always said, communities in Zamfara have now become under the authority of bandits”

“Attacks, kidnapping and other crimes become rampant on daily basis”.

He maitained that, currently some communites cannot stay in their homes or go to farms for farming until they pay millions of naira to bandits.

“The state where we have state government and a  Minister of State Defence has now become epic center of banditry activities in the whole Northwest”.

He stated that he has no regret on whatever situation he found himself adding that “I voiced out the challenges faced by my people”.

“Anytime you fight crime the crime will fight you back and am ready for that’.

“I am therefore appealing to the state Commissioner of Police to order release the innocent Isah Haruna”. Concluded Bakyasuwa.

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